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How I work

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’ve had some off the chart mentors in my career. My first was my brother Eric, who taught me the art of listening. In a very close second is Greer Shephard (Executive Producer, Longmire, The Closer, Nip/Tuck), who showed me how to be a writer’s advocate and to stand by them, even when (in the moment) it might not benefit me. I learned from the amazing actor, writer, producer, Dan Bucatinsky (Emmy winning actor, Scandal, Web Therapy, Who Do You Think You Are, The Comeback), how to debate every angle of an idea/pitch, as well as the art of selling. His enthusiasm and work ethic still shape the way I approach writers and material. But perhaps some of the most inspiring mentors have been among the hundreds of talented writers I’ve worked with, helping to nurture, guide and ultimately be a part of their team as they sold their pitches to networks.

I absolutely treasure writers. I admire their all consuming need to tell a story, their passion, and the offbeat and unique points of view that come with each and every one of them. Watching writers light up, thrive and on occasion, move beyond their PTWD (Post Traumatic Writing Disorder) is not only a thrill, it’s my passion.

Whether you’re an aspiring, mid-level, or long-established writer, I’m here to give you more than just script analysis. For me, it’s about helping you reach and grab hold of what the true essence of your material is really about. This seems so simple and obvious, but I can’t tell you how many writers I’ve worked with who lose sight of what’s at the core of their story or simply ignore their instincts. I’ll approach your script like a therapist and will help you move beyond what’s stopping you from pushing through, enabling you to see your structure, your world, your characters in a whole new light. I’ll never force my opinions, but I stand by what I always tell a writer: take what’s useful and discard the rest. Through it all, I can help you find the (hidden) special ingredients that’ll enrich the quality of your work.




I use the term “Q&A” a lot within the descriptions of my services. It means that I ask a lot of questions. The answers, of course, will come mostly from you, but I may offer up what I think the answers are in order to give you the opportunity to dig beneath the surface. In addition to working with you on the content, I like to get to know you as a writer. It allows me to gain insight into the way you think. The Q&A comes out of our chats or in written form.

Pitches Only:

One Hour-ish Q&A Consult/Verbal Pitch: $280

We would meet in person (or via phone). I would start with a Q&A. If I know what drives you, it will better help me, help you (thank you, Cameron Crowe). I’ll then listen to your pitch. I say an hour-ish, because I don’t feel comfortable cutting someone off if we’re in the midst of getting to the heart of what’s working and what’s not.

Written Q&A/Pitch: $330

I would read your pitch document and give you extensive thoughts (no page limit), along with a written Q&A.

 Verbal and Written Combo $475

*Each option will include e-mail exchanges/follow up questions that you may have.

TV Outlines: Both include Q&A

Written Thoughts on One Hour: $375

Written Thoughts on Half Hour: $310

(I don’t put any restrictions on how many pages of thoughts you’ll get from me)

Original Pilot & Spec Scripts: Both include Q&A

Half Hour: $425

One read and one set of written thoughts.

One Hour: $450

One read and one set of written thoughts.

Both are followed up with call or e-mail to alleviate any confusions or additional questions.

Features: Including Q&A

Based on the average 120 page script: $625

This includes one read & one set of written thoughts. If you’d like a meeting and/or call, add $30

Ongoing Counseling: $65, one call/meeting per week

Some writers like the consistency of having someone to turn to at any given time in the process. I will provide a time when we can get on the phone or meet in order to work out any kinks or stumbling blocks you’re having. I can talk you through any anxiety or walls you’re coming up against in a constructive, empathetic way.

Now what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Script Consulting