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Testimonials“Rebecca is a dream to work with. Smart. Insightful. Creative. Supportive. And insanely gifted. Rebecca truly understands the writer’s journey. She doesn’t try to make the process about her ideas– it’s always about helping the writer find the best version of their idea. That is a truly rare quality in this town. And I can say from personal experience that she has helped make my work better. Not to mention, Rebecca has great taste. In people and material. She understands the marketplace and what the buyers are looking for and responding to. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.” -Lauren Iungerich, Creator/Executive Producer, Awkward

Testimonials“I wrote a first draft of my TV Pilot (UNFILTERED) in 2000 — so I have been living with it for quite a while. When I decided to shoot it, I also thought it would be prudent to obtain an objective review of my script from someone whom I did not know. And, I did not know Rebecca Stay. We met on the phone via a mutual acquaintance and I was immediately struck by her sense of story as well as her process for uncovering the best properties in a script… separating the wheat from the chaff. She followed-up with thoughtful and succinct notes — macro and micro suggestions to enhance the Pilot. Even after thinking about this script for fourteen years, Rebecca inspired me to tackle another draft with a focus on enhancing the storylines, characters, and “connective tissue” between the plots. The result was a funnier, more dramatic, and tighter script that was a far better representation of my vision of the series. Her advice was worth many times her fee (although I would never tell her that!).” -JeffreyHirschberg, Writer/Director

Testimonials“Putting my script in Rebecca Stay’s hands was the smartest move I’ve ever made. I was apprehensive about hiring a consultant – I foolishly thought I could improve my scripts without help. But after years of writing I knew I had to get over this hang-up to move forward. I gave her my script and in turn Rebecca gave me her experience. She generously spent time with my pilot, gave me extensive, well-crafted notes and helped me to put the story I had in my mind’s eye on the page. Through her guidance, my script improved – and it landed me representation at a major agency. Rebecca not only elevated my writing, she elevated my career. I’m glad I finally figured out the best-kept secret in town: to be a professional, hire a professional. Hire Rebecca Stay” -Katrina Cabrera Ortega, Writer

“I met Rebecca as a young writer about ten years ago — I developed one of my first dramatic pilots with her and she was the network’s point executive. I remember turning in drafts to her and never getting the kind of notes writers can’t use. Her ideas, insights and thoughts helped make my pilot better. Ever since, I have hit Rebecca up for notes on my scripts — most recently I decided to write another pilot. Again I turned to Rebecca for notes and it was no surprise that they were incredibly insightful and helped make the pilot script better. The project was immediately grabbed by Warner Horizons and is currently being shopped to networks. Also, off of that same script that Rebecca helped me make better, I’ve received an incredible offer to adapt a Warner Brothers/DC Comics project! Even with a feature film I recently wrote to direct starring Alec Baldwin and Chloe Moretz, I sent to Rebecca for her thoughts. Once again I was not let down. Her ideas and questions and general “fixes” were all wonderful. She has the amazing ability to think like a writer and a marketer. It’s a gift I wish I had! I could not sing her praises louder.” -Derick Martini, Writer/Director

“The year was 1999. Rebecca Stay read my newly published novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. She found me in New York City and asked if I’d ever thought about writing for television. The truth is that I hadn’t, but she said that she thought I might have a knack for it. Her vision lead me to writing some freelance episodes for a show she was working on. Those episodes lead me to a love of TV. That love lead me to selling my first pilot to Rebecca. That pilot experience was so great that I wrote another pilot for a show I co-created entitled Jericho. That show went down in TV history when fans sent 20 tons of peanuts to CBS to save it from cancellation. The moral of the story is… get to know Rebecca Stay. She is one of the most intelligent, supportive, and nurturing people I have ever worked with, and I thank her for the rest of my days.” -Stephen Chbosky, Writer/Director, The Perks of Being A Wallflower

“It was my great pleasure to work with Rebecca Stay in development for several years, during which we worked on several pilots together, including my first series to go to air, The D.A., which led directly to my next writing gig, The Closer. Rebecca just doesn’t understand development and story, she understands writing for the screen. Knowing how something can translate from the page to the stage is almost an art form in itself. Rebecca is that artist.” -James Duff, Creator, The Closer, Major Crimes

“Rebecca is the perfect antidote to the notes a writer gets these days, those generic, pre-determined attempts to reduce every script to a copy of another; she’s a welcome reminder that development means nurturing an individual writer’s voice toward a finished script. In my times working with Rebecca, I eagerly welcomed her thoughts (well, as eagerly as I could welcome anything besides unbridled praise), because they not only bettered my stories and scripts with great ideas I hadn’t considered, but always did so with a steady eye on the idea’s original intent. If you want to work with someone who really loves writers (and honestly, you’ve met writers — they’re not easy to love), get Rebecca on your team.” -Donald Todd, Writer

“In my career as a television writer/producer, I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Rebecca over the course of almost seven years. I was able to experience her creative input as well as her graceful, professional and level-headed demeanor when dealing not just with writers, but with other network executives, directors, and producers. The one thing that was always true about Rebecca, was that she knew how to handle a script. Of what made a good story and what didn’t. She has an almost radar-like ability to focus and zero-in on what needed to be honed and developed. When Rebecca was ready to take on a new venture, Lisa Kudrow and I were eager to bring her into our company to head our development of writers and scripts. She worked for two years with us and I enjoyed collaborating with her, now, as my partner. I not only feel like I developed a friendship with her over all those years working together — I also feel like I learned something from an unbelievably smart and sensitive and knowledgeable professional — who has always had a talent for story — and ultimately the development and execution of scripts.” -Dan Bucatinsky, Actor, Writer, Producer

“Rebecca is a veteran television executive who is a dream to work with. She’ smart, creative, supportive, and, importantly, well-connected. She understands how to develop a script, but also how to guide a writer through the development process. She supports the writer’s vision, trying to make the best version of what the writer is trying to say. And she has great taste in material. She s a terrific development executive whom I’ve known for over 15 years, and I’m dying to be back in business with her.” -Stephen Tao, Bad Robot TV Team

“Rebecca is an aspiring writer’s best friend and secret weapon… she will teach you the craft of screenwriting and the art of navigating Hollywood, in a compassionate, honest and supportive way. Under Rebecca’s tutelage, I have had two screenplays and two pilots optioned. She is indispensable!” -Mindy Stern, Writer

“Rebecca is real value-added to any type of project. In addition to being a pleasure to work with, her creative instincts are spot-on and readily travel across genres. Whether focused on the details that help make a script come alive or on bigger picture strategies for getting a pitch sold — you want Rebecca as part of the collaboration!” -Andrew Plotkin, EVP/Executive Producer New Regency Television

“As a writer, let’s be honest — it’s pretty scary to give one’s material to another for notes. But with Rebecca, I don’t ever have that “cringe” feeling. I know my script is in amazing hands — her notes are honest without being harsh, in-depth, specific, and always, always, always geared to make the piece better. I don’t ever have to fear that she’s going to try to make it fit into “network X” mold or a “cable channel Y” mold or even twist it into a piece that might fulfill her own personal preference for TV-viewing. She sees the piece for what it is and, well… she “gets it”. And for a writer, there is no greater comfort than knowing you’re putting your vulnerable “baby” first draft into the hands of someone you trust and respect. Rebecca is truly my “go to” gal for every script I write.” -Barbara Nance, Writer

“I met Rebecca ten years ago and have had the pleasure of working with her numerous times over the last decade — to put it simply, Rebecca has exquisite taste in writers and always develops material with a strong point of view. BUT more importantly, she is an absolute dream to work with and would be an asset to any project.” -Jason Clodfelter, Senior Vice President of Drama Development, Sony Picture Television

“Rebecca has a true gift with developing material and identifying talented writers. As an agent, I am always looking for great development executives who can help my clients elevate their material with great notes and insight. When Rebecca was a Producer, she was always my first stop with a pitch or a script because I completely trust her taste and instincts and she always had the pulse of the marketplace. She is a true gem.” -Lynn Fimberg, Gersh Agent

“I worked closely with Rebecca for over two years, and I can say first hand that she is one of the most talented, dedicated and insightful executives I’ve ever met. She has an outstanding ability to analyze story and characters. Her notes and suggestions have the power to elevate a script to the next level.” -Jose Tamez, Executive Producer, Ugly Betty

“I had the pleasure and good fortune of working with Rebecca Stay on my original one hour drama pilot that she helped shepherd from a first draft with potential to a polished teleplay that could sell to the networks. Rebecca’s notes were always on point and given in the most constructive, supportive way. Her incredible instincts about story, character and the business in general were the driving force behind us selling my script to ABC. Whether you’re looking to get your foot in the door or sell something, Rebecca has both the instincts and skills to help writers generate their very best material.” -Laurie Arent, Writer

“Rebecca not only has a brilliant brain for the artistry and craft of scriptwriting, but she has a deep respect for your voice and your process. This is truly what makes her THE writer’s advocate. She has a sharp aesthetic, a reliable eye on how to commercially position your work, and will keep you focused on your unique ways of weaving story, writing dialogue, and creating your best possible script.” -Michael Gans & Richard Register, Writers

“If you know someone who’s a consummate professional with incredible character, experience, wisdom, creativity, compassion, a sense of humor and happens to be your greatest cheerleader, you must have met Rebecca Stay. She understands how to give a writer notes because she’s a wonderful writer herself. Her comments are always loaded with layers of insightful detail and thought-provoking questions that will nudge and inspire you to dig a little deeper. Rebecca is one of the most passionate, sincere and honest people I know and having her support and encouragement through the writing process is absolutely priceless.” -Alana Sanko, Writer

“I have worked with Rebecca Stay on numerous projects over the last ten years. She’s a trusted colleague and friend who is passionate about her relationship with writers. Her notes and guidance are always spot on and she processes the key skill of knowing how to shape an intelligent, marketable script.” -Laurie Zaks, President, Mandeville films TV

“One of Rebecca’s greatest strengths (among her many) is her ability to never lose sight of what is the true story that needs to be told at the heart of any project. She’s a pro at guiding writers through the often torturous development process, allowing them to express their vision at the same time working towards satisfying all the concerns that a network or studio may have. She’s the rare exec who is able to champion writers and their ideas while also helping them navigate the twists and turns that every series goes through.” -Larry Gilbert, SVP Television Temple Hill Entertainment